Why is this site here?

My name is Kerry S. Robichaux, and I am quite disturbed about certain things that are being circulating among us related to the matter of publication work in the Lord’s recovery. I feel that some of us should stand up and be heard on some of these matters.

I should say from the start, if it is not obvious already, that I strongly support the notion of one publication among us in the Lord’s recovery. I will not defend my support for it here (see a future entry under “Does it matter”), but I feel that one publication is a practical “must” among us (though not an item of the faith! Me genoito!). There are, however, some brothers among us who wish to challenge the matter of one publication, and they have taken to the Internet to defend their views. They have made their views (though often not their names) public to the whole world. To my mind they have relied, for the most part, on untruths, misconceptions, suspicions, and innuendo to make their point. I feel that enough is enough, and someone needs to call their bluff. I don’t know much, but I know enough to know that these brothers are sadly deceived and more sadly deceiving. Since they have taken to the Internet, I felt that I too should take to the same medium to let everyone know what I know and how I personally feel about this issue (for what it is worth).
I hope that in offering these notes on one publication in the Lord’s recovery, many of the saints who stand unprotected from the winds that are blowing will find a reasonable defense here for their own consciences. I often find that the brothers and sisters tacitly perceive what is true and of the Lord, but sometimes they need to hear explicit words that defend what is true and of the Lord. My trust is not in the words that I write but in what the saints already sense in their consciences, and I count myself blessed to have the opportunity to utter what matches their spirits. I am certain that most of the brothers and sisters feel sick when they encounter the winds blowing among us; I can only hope that they feel comforted when they read words that confirm their good heart toward the Lord, toward His recovery, and toward the brothers and sisters.