Are there no churches in Brazil at all?

One brother from Brazil believes that because a certain Web site does not list any churches for some countries in South America, the saints there have been cut off from the Lord’s recovery due to the matter of one publication. Can it really be so?

The brother writes in his 25 October 2005 letter, posted by the CBs on their site:

In South America, we’ve been following the Lord and living absolutely for His eternal plan and Recovery for the last decades, but since brother Lee went to be with the Lord, this question of “one publication” has been used by some saints to “cut us off” from the Body. Yes, when I access [Web] pages like I feel like that. We are more than a thousand churches in my country, but there is none in the map provided in that site. Is this happening just because we don’t follow the “one publication”? I sincerely can’t see any other reason for that, and I sincerely don’t think that this is enough to cut the Body of Christ.

Well, I sincerely know another reason for that, and I would like to set the record straight. At the same time, I would like to make clear what the CBs are actually saying about themselves in reproducing this letter.

Why are there no churches listed for some of the countries in South America on the map at I asked the brothers involved with this Web site, and their answer was simple: The leading brothers in these places never submitted information to them so that they could post it on their Web site. When this site was first proposed to the leading brothers in Ventura, California, in April 2000, the brothers everywhere were invited (not compelled as the CBs would probably imagine) to submit information on their places. No one from these countries submitted information for these countries. (Call the brothers who take care of this Web site, and ask them yourself.) It has nothing to do with one publication. Bear in mind that this was in 2000, long before the matter of one publication became a “concern.” The brothers who take care of this Web site are very eager to get information on the places for which they lack information. But the brothers in the various places may have their reasons for not sending in that information, and that must be respected. Whatever the case, it is simply nonsensical that some churches are not listed on this site because they don’t follow the one publication. I hope someone would write the poor brother back and help him to know the real reason for this. If anyone has his email address, send it to me, and I will do it.

But on a more critical level, what I have a difficult time understanding is why the CBs would publish such a letter without first trying to ascertain the real situation. It was’t difficult at all to find out the real situation. They only had to pick up the telephone and ask the brothers who take care of this Web site. The CBs offer this letter as evidence “of the confusions [sic] and chaos among the
churches in Brazil caused by the promotion of one publication by some coworkers” (CBs’ comment preceding letter). The CBs intend “to provide the saints with current facts and relevant information so that they will not be
misled due to ignorance of the situation” (from “Opening Words” on their Web site). But here is a perfect example of their own ignorance of the situation and of their own proliferation of a mistake. They declare that “the saints need to know the problems caused by
those issues in other places so that they will not repeat the same mistakes and avoid the same
situation in their own localities” (again from “Opening Words”). Yet the publication of this letter is a perfect example of the CBs repeating the same mistake made by an ill-informed brother in another place and of embracing (not avoiding) the same befuddled situation in their own places. These brothers are a simply playing a game. Can we get on with the reality of the Lord’s recovery?