Who am I speaking for?

Many of you know that I serve full-time at Living Stream Ministry and that I attend the meetings of the co-workers. But I am not speaking for either here.

Of course, I am what I am by the grace of God, and by the grace of God I serve full-time in the publication service in the Lord’s recovery. Further, I count it a great privilege and honor to be able to meet with the blended co-workers and fellowship with them concerning the Lord’s move in His recovery over the whole earth. Be that as it may, I hope that everyone who reads what I have to say here will be able to tell that I am not speaking for LSM or the blended co-workers. While it is impossible for me to speak apart from what I am, I think it is possible for me to speak simply as a brother who loves the Lord and His recovery and who feels that something should be said to dispel the untruths that are being circulated among us. I feel that what I know from being at LSM over 20 years and from being among the co-workers 15 years may help clear up some of the poisons of suspicion that are being used against the saints Thus, when it is helpful to bring to bear on a matter what I know, I will do so–if it does not violate what should be held only by LSM or the co-workers. (I trust that all of us understand and accept that there are proprieties in every area of the Lord’s service, as there are even in common human enterprises.) I believe firmly that the more the saints everywhere know how the service is conducted at LSM and among the co-workers, the more they will be convinced that there is no evil conspiracy afoot, no plans for world domination by LSM or the blended co-workers, as some hope to suggest (and suggest is about as far as they can go), but instead that there is a remarkable blending that manifests the Lord’s own movements in His glorious economy.
But in the final analysis let everyone be certain of this: these are my own words and my own thoughts on one publication among us in the Lord’s recovery. Before the Lord I testify that I am speaking for no one other than myself, and before the Lord I respectfully request that no one make of my words anything more than that. Count me as I am, a serving one only: blended with the co-workers I hope, and faithful in the publication work I pray, but nevertheless not representing either I say.