Concerned Brothers?

They call themselves Concerned Brothers (CB), and they have a
web site. What are they trying to do?

This site appeared online sometime in November 2005. The site sputtered at first, offering “Opening Words” that seemed quite brash and presumptuous. For several weeks these “Opening Words” were taken offline, and the link content was under construction. The new “Opening Words” came online in December 2005. Though modified some, the edited version is still quite presumptuous.
These CBs are concerned about certain things that they feel have been troubling the saints recently, things like the ministry and ministers among us and the publication(s) thereof, as well as the “proper” relationship of the ministry, the work, and the churches. They have also decided to re-examine a number of things that I thought have been fairly settled among us for decades, things like the Body of Christ and the oneness of the Body of Christ, the local churches, and the New Testament ministry.
In my heart I feel that everyone has the right to fellowship about the truth, and I genuinely believe that “the Lord hath yet more light and truth / To break forth from His Word” (Hymns, #817). May we all progress in the full-knowledge of the truth! But, honestly, what will their ruminations contribute? Will they define these great realities of the divine revelation by consensus among web readers (if they really even open to their own readers)? Brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee led the study of these great matters among us for decades, and now these CBs have decided to lead us all again. Was our previous understanding of these realities wrong or misguided? Apparently, these CBs think so. Personally, I find it hard to believe that they will invent a better wheel. But they will lead whoever is foolish enough to follow; some people are ready to follow just about any parade.